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About Us

Sri Padma Ram Ganesh Mahal AC located in the heart of the city, The Sri Padma Ram Ganesh Mahal AC offers elegant event venues, bespoke service and a talented culinary team making it the perfect venue for an unforgettable wedding. Only designing and implementing events is the job of any business foundation, we at Plan Smart aim at excelling in each of our jobs while sharing a cordial and enduring relationship with our clients.

  • Floating 1200
  • Seating 800
  • Dinning 300
  • Vallet Car Parking
  • 14 Airconditioner Rooms

Sri Padma Ram Ganesh Mahal AC

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is our most important amenity that allows guests to feel fresh and comfortable with great cooling capacity.

Room Service

Our staff takes pride in their outstanding hospitality services which range from cleaning to maintaining the rooms. Our staff takes pride

Power Backup

We ensure uninterrupted power supply throughout the celebrations of your dreams. 24/7 electricity with power backup .


The staff is properly trained to maintain the washrooms in a hygienic and freshened state, sanitized bathrooms .

House keeping

We realize that the reputation of the hall depends heavily on the great housekeeping skills of our staff.


As a holistic wedding hall, it is our duty to have backup options during emergencies.

Sri Padma Ram Ganesh Mahal AC

Wedding Hall

Sri Padma Ram Ganesh Mahal AC is one of the best wedding halls in Chennai. Accommodating at least 1200 people at a time, it comes with superior air conditioning for the comfort of the guests.

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A Peaceful Stay on Chennai , Accommodation at Sri Padma Ram Ganesh Mahal AC